Women who partner a shift worker...

...I'm here to help you 'SOAR'

foster calm - THRIVE - create flow

+ find ease in your every changing schedule

Juggling a life around shift-work is exhausting... 

How do I know this?

My husband joined the Police Force in 2014. After only ONE year I was feeling:

  • worn out by the exhausting reality of an ever-changing schedule
  • terribly hard-done-by
  • resentment towards my husband
  • short-tempered with my daughters
  • desperate for a 9 – 5 type work week
  • lonely at night
  • unorganised and unmotivated
  • stressed and dysfunctional
  • overwhelmed by day-to-day chores
  • robbed of time to do the things I wanted
  • I was the rock at home juggling many aspects of a very full life
  • our parenting partnership turning into a parenting competition

Unsatisfied with all of this and determined not to make this my reality, I decided to put into practice the psychological knowledge and skills I had consumed over the past 15 years.

I was adamant that the old adage ‘If it’s predictable, It’s preventable’ could be put to good use here. It was just a matter of reviewing the way I thought about things, shift those stubborn synaptic connections (negative thought patterns) I had created over my lifetime and slowly bring about life-long change. 


To create this shift, I ….

Dug deeper and put into practice my knowledge and skills of Psychology, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Neuroplasticity (brain's ability to change throughout life)
  • The Limbic System (Our 'emotion centre' in our brain)
  • Positive Psychology

Identified the traits, skills and qualities I’ve gained from my 10 years in teaching that could help bring about my desired change. 

Listened and asked a lot of questions of women to identify consistent patterns in their thoughts and feelings towards shift work.

Established an online Mind Shift Challenge Group with 40 women who partner a shift worker to share strategies that work well in their family, target common emotions and create connections.  Join us here

Completed an intensive 6-month certified Life Coaching course which not only taught me how to be a Life Coach but took me on my own personal journey of development.

Invested my time in a 3-month coaching series with another Life Coach. The outcome of this process shifted my mindset in order to focus on the opportunities shift work provided for me and my family. 


Ultimately... you can live the life YOU want!

If you don’t nurture yourself, give to yourself, invest in yourself then the tank will become completely drained and you will have nothing left to give anyone else. I'm here to help you find YOUR opportunities within the shift work chaos and support you to live a fulfilling life. 


I know shift work disrupts your routine and creates a huge amount of stress but with a little perspective we can utilise the flexibility and variability of the commitments of our shift worker partner to our mutual advantage.

I'm here to share my own learnings and positive outlook with you!! I’ve certainly undergone a change in mindset and have the tools to identify the opportunities in shift work.  So here I am….. just for YOU! I want good things to happen to you too!!

Are you ready to shift your mindset and SOAR?